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Black Mountain Equity Partners

Black Mountain Equity Partners targets high-potential businesses for investment. Regardless of whether the business is currently experiencing strong financial results, By leveraging the insights and acumen of its investment team and the experience of operating executives and management, the firm invests time in identifying and developing what is often times hidden value.

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Attractive investment

Businesses that operate in attractive niche markets where a long-term leadership position can be sustained Stable and growing cash flow potential..

The Investment Process

We partner with management to evaluate, acquire, and transform high-potential businesses. The firm’s goal is to combine the insights..

The Potential

The Black Mountain founders have a passion for improvements in a wide range of services and technologies that will improve efficiency..


Current Investments

At NeoLight, we engineer and design empathy-driven solutions for newborns in need of neonatal medical care. While the medical device industry is focused on designing large..

Teleost Biopharmaceutical was incorporated in March 2014, as an Arizona C corporation. Teleost has offices in Tucson, AZ, and Boulder CO, and its fiscal year..

HealthConnexx is an integrated data platform that aggregates patient health information from a variety of sources into one holistic view. Regardless of where the..

Founded in 2010, with offices in Vancouver, BC, Krakow, Poland and Queensland, Australia, FusionPipe provides convenient yet secure smartphone and wearable