Teleost Biopharmaceuticals

Teleost Biopharmaceutical was incorporated in March 2014, as an Arizona C corporation. Teleost has offices in Tucson, AZ, and Boulder CO, and its fiscal year is the calendar year. Teleost Biopharmaceuticals will help people project themselves from sun damage by stimulating melanin production in the body by a method not triggered by the sun’s UV rays. Imagine having the protection and tanning effect of sunbathing with suntan lotion or sprays for a full month, even if you don’t go out in the sun! Our primary goal is to enable people to produce melanin from within, to manufacture their own photo-protective melanin, as prevention against skin maladies.


Founded in 2010, with offices in Vancouver, BC, Krakow, Poland and Queensland, Australia, FusionPipe provides convenient yet secure smartphone and wearable software solutions to improve enterprise productivity and enhance data & network security. By negating having to enter complex passwords or use smart cards, dongles, USB’s, one-time passwords and related hardware, user authentication can be more secure in a “frictionless”, more convenient manner. Employees are happier and more productive while providing enterprises with the opportunity to decrease total cost of ownership and increase security.

GT Medical Technologies

GT Medical Technologies, Inc. (GT), is committed to improving the lives of patients with brain tumors. The Company has developed an innovative approach to the treatment of brain tumors by combining a conformal collagen matrix with brachytherapy seeds. The Company’s first product, GammaTile, is protected by 10 issued US patents and has the promise to revolutionize treatment for 175,000 patients/year in the US alone. To date, over 100 patients with recurrent brain tumors have been treated with the GammaTile technology. In a clinical trial at Barrow Neurological Institute, patients have shown a 5x clinical improvement at 6 months out from treatment. GT is undertaking confirmatory biocompatibility testing to support the filed 510(k) and anticipates FDA clearance in 2018. The product has already been assigned to a $32k reimbursement code by CMS. Once approved in 2018, GT will launch the GammaTile product to address a significant unmet medical need in a $3.5B US market, and eventually commercialize the technology worldwide.


At NeoLight, we engineer and design empathy-driven solutions for newborns in need of neonatal medical care. While the medical device industry is focused on designing large, hospital-grade technologies that treat infant health conditions within the hospital, we focus on inventing devices that treat babies at home, under the care of parents. That’s what empathy-driven innovation means to us.

Our first technology is a phototherapy device that we expect will eliminate jaundice through in-home rather than in the NICU. We have big plans for more devices that help as many families as possible suffering through the experience of having a newborn with a health condition. By 2020, we plan to be an industry thought leader in the neonatal healthcare sector, with our devices saving the lives of infants across the


HealthConnexx is an integrated data platform that aggregates patient health information from a variety of sources into one holistic view. Regardless of where the care occurred, the patient’s relevant data is available to the provider caring for the patient in front of them. Real-time data feeds ensure better decisions are made about the care of the patient. Medication management is performed at the point of care rather than by other downstream healthcare professionals. HealthConnexx empowers providers with clinical data they have not traditionally had available to them. The end result is transformational and provides more efficient care with better patient outcomes.

Baron investments

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